PWM Ultra

$180.00 $162.00


PWM Ultra

$180.00 $162.00


one of a kind circuit bent guitar pedal, handmade by unknownpedalco.
converts the input into an over-driven square wave with its pulse width modulated by a triangle / square LFO

full of lo-fi phaser sweeping bit tune synth gated heavy goodness
not for the faint of heart!

hand built and circuit bent with internal feedback causing the pedal to free run as a drone noise synth when no input is plugged into the jack

Knobs: Volume, Sustain, Rate, Depth, Power.
Switches: O.D., Range, Waveform, Power / Bypass

9v battery or standard adapter

**the original pedal has sold, actual pedal will be custom built to reflect another version of this one**


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