$144.00 $129.60



$144.00 $129.60


this circuit bent vocoder / pitch shifter is based around a 7- stage 8-bit shift register
push buttons cycle through each stage, shifting the pitch while the ‘bitrate’ knob controls the overall clock cycle rate
different stages allow for different voice modulations. robot and alien-like, pitch shifted and bit crushed

‘glitch’ bend routes the preamp to trigger stage shifts, causing stepped pitches and arpeggios
this device is handmade and one of a kind. it is noisy, experimental and lo-fi

when there is no input plugged in the circuit feeds back into itself making a true 8-bit free-running drone synth
lots of fun to put a guitar through

runs on internal 9v, or standard 9 negative center adapter

**the original pedal has sold, actual pedal will be custom built to reflect another version of this one**


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