$240.00 $216.00



$240.00 $216.00


One of a kind 8 bit pitch shifter / vocoder guitar pedal

Shifts pitch up and down along 7 stages with option of vibrato modulation and vocoder mode for 8 bit arpeggios and robotic noises

Variable clock rate for deep bit crushing with additional optical theremin control

Input triggered Glitch mode auto shifts up or down cycling through the 7 stages

Adjustable drive control maximizes compatibility with guitar, microphone, other pedals, synths and drum machines

When nothing is plugged into the input internal feedback turns the pedal into a stand alone drone theremin glitch synth

True bypass, runs on 9v battery or standard boss style adapter

This pedal is an expansion on my pocket vocoder :

**the original pedal has sold, actual pedal will be custom built to reflect another version of this one**


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