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$168.00 $151.20


if a big muff, a fuzz face, and a green ringer had an orgy together I imagine the result would be something like this ..

the FEVER – a delightfully filthy and organically crunchy transistor octave fuzz, the FEVER delivers sticky glitched-out octave grotesquity and fuzz filth for miiiles

based on an original circuit, the Fever was developed integrating my favourite design elements of several classic fuzzzboxes into one dynamically balanced gem of a pedal, utilizing a hybrid of silicon and nos germanium transistors

engage ‘chill’ mode for a ringing phase/anti-phase octave up, and ‘dilirium’ to roll your guitar into an oddly organic crunchy synth-like oscillation with a stepped-tone roll off

all of this to say the FEVER runs HOT and the tone is SICKENING!

run a bass through this fucker for one of the most satisying fuzz experiences of your life!!!


true bypass, runs on 9v boss-style power adapter


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