Dual Tone Freq

$180.00 $162.00


Dual Tone Freq

$180.00 $162.00


This is a circuit bent experimental guitar pedal / drone synth
its a hybrid of the Decoder ring modulator and Crunch harmony crusher w/ optical theremin

the input signal is fed through a ring modulator, tuned by the ‘Ring’ knob
a secondary sub oscillator tracks the modulator output and produces its own analog oscillator, tuned by the ‘Crush’ knob

the two outputs are balanced through the ‘Mix’ knob

optical modulation is available for both oscillators, as well as an output low-pass filter, increasing its cut-off.

the entire unit is one of a kind and handmade

when no input is plugged into the jack, the input is fed with internal feedback to send the pedal into a free-running ‘glitch’ state turning it into a glitched-out circuit bent noise synth and theremin. great for driving an effects chain

runs on internal 9v battery or external standard boss style adapter (not included)

**the original device has been sold. a custom device that reflects its current incarnation will be built to order**


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