$240.00 $216.00



$240.00 $216.00


this a handmade Analog Harmonizer PLL Distortion Synthesizer, one of a kind experimental pedal / noise synth

it is built around an analog phase-locked loop , which will produce a bit crushed “harmony” of the input and then blend it with the (over)driven input.

when the input is unplugged it will feedback internally and became a drone synth / theremin

the O.D. switch significantly increases (the already generous) gain factor and glitch mode causes the oscillator to largely ignore (though interact with) the input signal and generally free-run.

the theremin is engaged by the “optical” toggle, and affects the “crunch”

designed to be used a gnarly guitar / bass synth pedal – will accept many inputs with varying results and adds biig analog grit to toys, keyboards, drum machines, synths..

Demo and Review:

**each pedal is handmade by the artist. they are individual creations that may vary in some detail, but reflect a current rendition of this design**


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