Blue Ether

$168.00 $151.20


Blue Ether

$168.00 $151.20


an octave up fuzz pedal with some serious brass.

it creates a ringing phase / anti-phase driven by raw transistor fuzzy goodness bringing single notes up one octave and creating self-modulations on chords and exposing their true character

at low fuzz it can be made to play quite sweetly, enhancing the qualities of chords and bringing out the smoothness of harmonies – while truly crashing as dissonant notes collide.

as the fuzz rises the pedal begins to really howl with the new available harmonics and at full becomes somewhat of a bright and screaming distortion.

led clipping introduces gating and some control over the extra harmonies as well as a muff style distortion element.

this pedal was handmade on the north shore of nova scotia, canada

it runs on internal 9v or standard boss style negative center adapter

**the original device has been sold. a custom device that reflects its current incarnation will be built to order**


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