About Me

Who is Nicky Fuzzbox?

The Web Dev

Nicky makes hardware, but he also makes software!

Nicky is a passionate full stack web developer and embedded systems software designer. He has built e-commerce websites (including this one), blogs, community organization websites, database administration web applications, online games, and much more.

Check out his game : http://greenworldgame.xyz/

Web Audio Synthesizer: http://websynth.online/

GitHub : https://github.com/kabbalahmonster

Some of the technologies he likes to work with include:

  • JQuery, Bootstrap, Phasor3, ToneJS
  • React, VueJS, AlpineJS, 
  • Java, C, C#, Python, Arduino
  • MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, NodeJS
  • Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP7
  •  HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Laravel, Ionic, Capacitor, StencilJS
  • Proteus, LTSPICE, KiCAD
  • Microsoft Office, Teams, Vidio, Projects, JIRA

The Circuit Bender

It started with a single circuit bend on a dollar store turntable key chain when he was a young teen. He began rewiring every garage sale toy he could get his hands on. This turned into smashing down dumpster electronics for parts, wiring primitive oscillators and filters. 

Synthesizers turned into effects and his noise / circuit lust has become an addiction.

After years of creating absurdly unique experimental noise devices, he began to box his chaos. 

Time Box was born.

Today Nicky Fuzzbox continues to experiment, mod, and build. His search for new and satisfying ways to destroy sound continues.


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